Colorado Gun Consignment

Do you own a gun that you just don’t use and would like to sell?  Eagles Nest Armory can help!

In order to consign a firearm with Eagles Nest Armory, it must:

  • Be yours to sell, be free of liens or encumbrances, and have not been used in a crime or been stolen.
  • Be unloaded, have a safety device in place or be contained in a secure storage, and be in safe working order.

If your firearm meets the above criteria, Eagles Nest Armory is happy to help you! We’ll talk and determine a fair market value for your item.  Once the price is determined, it will stay at that set price for two weeks before any less than listed price offers are considered.  Once your item has sold and payment has cleared, you’ll receive a check in approximately 7 business days.  Eagles Nest Armory offers this service for 20% of the selling price if the firearm sells for less than $500 or 15% if the firearm sells for more than $501.

Please be aware:  If you no longer wish to consign your firearm(s) and you would like to pick up the firearm(s), Colorado state law requires us to perform and you must pass a background check before the item(s) can be returned to you.